Friday, June 10, 2005


Empowering designs by Espira, LeMur, Heart Ignition, IMBJR and StangDoe depict what awaits the nonbeliever and the molester. Not very ladylike, but close enough for the girls we go out with. Will be worth millions if world doesn't end. Be careful which family gatherings you wear this one to. Backside image is sure to spark fights while in line at the store.

8X-DAY clothing, keepsakes, hats, badges, buttons, bumper stickers, pendants, nose pickers

T-SHIRTS: 16 offensive new designs by LeMur, Heart Ignition, IMBJR, Espira, "OTHERS"

New: THROW PILLOWS! (Seriously.) And mouse pads, journals, and misc. doodads

POSTERS and FRAMED PRINTS: by popular request, "e-paintings" by Heart Ignition are now available. Did you know that the classic "45 Dobbsheads" has been followed by "45 more" and "45 Dobbsheads 3"? Plus another couple dozen? Those and more are STREWN catalog-wide.

CERAMIC ART TILES: Eternal Testaments. This has some of the most penetrating visual work of the Church, CONDENSED.

GREETING CARDS: Sometimes sensitive issues such as a death, or the loss of a job or partner, are most conveniently settled by just sending a pre-processed modular card, avoiding all that difficult personal interaction. THESE ARE THE CARDS YOU WERE LOOKING FOR.

COFFEE MUGS: These are for DRINKERS. Drinkers of all kinds -- of soporifics, stimulants, psychedelics, whatever -- as long as it's HARD STUFF.

FROPTAINERS and STASHBOXES: The less said the better, nudge wink nudge EEAAAAUAULLLPP!

: Now disguised as public service messages like you see on the tram.

POSTCARDS: Easily pretend you're sending from a foreign mindset.

BUMPER STICKERS: One really good new one to go with the two dozen really good old ones.

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