Wednesday, April 06, 2005

New SubGenius Photo, Movie Stashes

The above link to takes you to a new SubGenius web photo gallery started by Popess Lilith. She's already put a ton of very good selected material in there, under various SubGenialoid categories, and YOU CAN TOO!

Also: I got a wild hair and EDITED the Detroit Devival video that Wei and I shot 3 weeks ago. I even turned it into a DVD. I posted an excellent high-res SVCD copy of the whole 1-hour slick edit on alt.binaries.multimedia slack -- along with a recent recut of the 6X-Day footage, compacting the whole festival into TEN MINUTES. A smaller, low-res version of that is also on alt.binaries.slack.

I am busting ass trying to catch up on Hour of Slack, but in so doing I edited and posted mp3s of the most recent Winterstar Symposium preaching from February. If you ask me, it's the best job I've ever done at this kind of preaching (to the unsaved, not at a devival). Bits are on a.b.slack but the entire thing is on a.b.multimedia.slack.


Popess Lilith said...

Actually, I didn't start it, but I have since become co-administrator with the founder and have been pushing it into newer dimensions, folding it around itself until even I am making confused little gasping sounds. At least I am not gurgling. Yet.

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